Unique and minimalist design

The days when architects preferred to get rid of the socket outlets and push buttons in their interiors are over.
With Rond, we have completely redesigned the traditional power sockets and push buttons. With the aim of greatly simplifying the product, we have not only created a unique minimalist design, but our patented product also ensures easy and efficient integration.

ROND makes the installer work more efficiently

Our patented design allows for faster and more efficient electrical installation. The Rond products are integrated in one movement, which greatly reduces the number of interventions on site. In addition, the actions to be taken have also been greatly simplified.

The patented design is easily adapted to the plaster.
Rond is easily installed in any wall or panel that is subsequently plastered.

ROND Socket

Increase efficiency and save time with the simple installation process.

Like the socket, the Rond push button is fully integrated into the wall.
When pressed, it produces enough energy to generate a Bluetooth signal and operate the light source.

ROND Push Button

Wireless and battery-free or wired? Both are possible with the Rond push buttons.

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